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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Working Out

I loathe working out. Its not fun, it takes away time I could be doing something else, and I just hate it. But this year is the year of the new me, and its time to get it done- especially since I've been paying for a gym membership for the past two years! Right now, I'm rocking the at-home workouts, at least until I'm comfortable going back to the gym and its warm outside. Who wants to wait for a bus or worse walk in this Chicago weather right now, seriously?
To round-up my at-home workouts...I'm a huge fan of the gazelle (thank you Tony Little!) the wii, and my newest purchase, the Bosu ball. I also love the blog Your Wishcake and totally support her Work it Out Weekends and want to join in the fun.
So to help me in my quest, I'm making myself accountable and writing about my workouts throughout the week. Don't worry, its not all I'll be writing about, but I at least want to make it a recurring post. Please feel free to share with me your success stories, obstacles, advice, insights, complaints, what have you. I'm a great listener and would love the feedback.

My goals for this week:

I want to workout at least 3 times this week, go to a kickboxing class with my sister Shannon, and work on stretching more after my workouts, maybe fit a little pilates in!

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