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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Welcome to Splendidly Sweet!

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For the past few months I have been busy planning both of my sister's weddings. We've had great fun with do it yourself ideas and I love to share our craftiness with others! I will posted a few pictures of what we've done, ideas we've had, projects that have worked, and thing we wish we would have done differently.

A little bit about the weddings....

Shannon's - Live, Laugh, Love

Shannon's wedding was an simple yet elegant affair. It was an afternoon garden wedding in the intimate setting of our grandparents beautiful gardens. Shannon was adorned in a striking haltered princess dress with many pickups and a beautiful black sash, she carried a beautiful bouquet of calla lily's. The bridesmaid dresses were a nice contrast, black dresses with white sashes and again the beautiful pickups.

We used a plethora of flowers from the garden - especially huge white hydrangeas that were used to dress up potted plants that served as the entrance to the garden as well as the table to offer programs (fans we made ourselves) and bottled waters to cool the guests off.

Making the fan programs was quite a task, and quite fun! We ordered large wooden sticks, spray painted this silver and let them dry for a few days. We then printed out the fans, with the wording we choose, and included a cute picture of Shannon and her new husband Dan, and then carefully cut the fans out in the shape we choose (a large rounded rectangle) punched holes and ran ribbon through the bottom. It was super easy, and super fun. For us, we like to get together on Sunday's meet to do a few craft projects, and have all the boys (my two brother-in-laws, my love Matt, and my brother Zach) come over for a nice huge family dinner.

Besides the fan programs, for Shannon's wedding we made our own nvitations, centerpieces, menus - you name it we at least tried it. Overall, the wedding and the event was beautiful. I promise pictures to come soon.