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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Working Out

So, it looks like I jinxed myself last week. I admitted to myself it was ok for me to miss my goals, and so what do you know, last week I did. The next two weeks, and this week included, are crazy for me at work, but that’s not an excuse (ok, maybe just a little one!), but I need to get better at reaching my personal goals. So, this week I am going to give myself some easier goals because…

A. it’s already Tuesday, and,
B. b. tomorrow and Thursday I have to work until 11 pm (again, not an excuse)

So this week, I need to work out at least twice and make it to kick boxing with my sis on Saturday. Something neither of us made it to last week.
I’m definitely disappointed in myself for missing my goals, these are important to me and I’ve definitely noticed a difference and in what I can do. The wii trainer definitely kicked my butt today! So I promise to do better, and get back in to more suitable goals next week!
To my friends, I’m still looking for your inspiration, motivation, and work out tips. Anything you can offer, I definitely appreciate it!